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in my baby radar…..

27 Apr
i’ve almost completely stopped shopping for my self these days
and turned the focus on to baby conte
i cant get over how cute all this stuff is.
here’s a look at what’s in my radar these days
^^^^^ my baby radar that is ^^^^^
baby radar

here and there…..

23 Apr

a few pics of what’s been going on

here and there and everywhere we go!


the xx

^^the xx, what an amazing show^^



^^^ so good seeing this girl^^^

wall art


^^^yummy restaurant in L.A. milo and olive^^^


^^^got to take an amazing cutting class with this hair idol, sally rogerson^^^


^^^no words for this cookie^^^


^^^breakfast with this guy^^^




^^^my bunco girls reaction to the gender reveal^^^


^^^just testing out baby mattresses^^^



^^^dinner at one of my L.A. favs, bottega louie^^^

spring has sprung… our backyard

17 Apr

herb shower

my father-in-law pino was here a couple weeks ago.

the weather was warm

and it was feeling like spring.

in the two weeks he was here, boy did we keep him busy (poor guy)

our backyard was looking a little sad and unattended

and pino insisted that we needed an herb garden, plus a couple fruit trees!

and that is just what happened.

me being about 5 months pregnant, i wasn’t much help

but i did have a lot of helpers.

(thank you family)

here’s a look at how things turned out!!!

hard working

rare moment

^^^ this is a rare moment in time…. my dad digging a whole ^^^

apple tree


^^^ my mom planting the herbs for me ^^^


^^^ we planted, basil, parsley, sage, thyme, oregano and mint^^^


^^^ the pots got a facelift too ^^^


apple tree

fig tree

^^^ i can’t wait to get some fruit on these trees ^^^

now if this chilly weather would go away and bring back the warm spring weather  please.

happy 1st birthday blog…..

11 Apr

holy moly

“we’ll figure it out”

is 1 year old today!!!!

i can hardly believe that only a year ago i wrote my very first blog post.

this has been such an amazing creative outlet for me!

so much has happened in a year, from birthdays, to holidays

vacations, becoming a citizen and our most exciting adventure yet….

expanding our family!

 i love that we get to share our little life’s adventures with you all,

so thank you for visiting as often as you do

and i hope you continue to stick around!!!


here’s a little flashback from the post that started it all!

starter blog pic

felt this was appropriate for the occasion!

the picture that started the blog!!!

he or she?….. what will it be?

5 Apr

boy or girl

p or v

baby n bump

she or he

gender box

its a boy!!

^^^ it’s a BOY!!!! ^^^

we’re so exciting to share the news that we’ve got a baby boy on the way!!!


^^^ here’s a couple belly picks at 18 weeks as well ^^^




happy friday everyone!!!

an easter sunday, our style…..

2 Apr

funny bunny

holidays for our family means a house full of family and friends

and easter is no exception.

so there was 20+ of us around the table sunday.

i love this holiday cuz the weather is always beautiful,

flowers are blooming, don’t forget about the easter egg hunt,

and of course…. the food!!!

my mom has her specialties that we wait all year for.

so delicious!!!


kind of crazy to think this was the last easter with out a child.

next year our little one will be egg hunting too!!!

if you could see me you’d know i’m blushing♥


the littles

^^posing for their easter pic^^


^^bunny cake pops^^


^^he looks good with a baby in his arms^^


^^dessert table^^




go team

^^banana passing game, too hilarious for words^^

golden egg

^^look who found the golden egg for the 2nd year in a row^^




^^they coud have done this all day^^


^^tummy time turned into a party^^

bunny baby

^^cutest bunny baby ever^^

^^she liked the easter card more than anything else in her easter basket!^^

hope you all had as much fun on easter as we did!!!

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