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red, white and blue…..

5 Jul

4th family

some exciting things happened yesterday!

not only did my dad turn the big 6-0, but it was also matteo’s first 4th of july!

we celebrating by having a big party

filled with all my dad’s favorite foods, like ribs, chicken wings, and a cream puff birthday cake.


 matteo got to swim and i swear he must be part fish.

we would put him on the edge of the pool and he would launch right in with no fear.

so happy he loves the water. unfortunately it was cut a little short when a little rain storm rolled in.

we didn’t mind though, it was actually a nice relief from the hot days we’ve been having here,

plus matteo got to play in the rain which he’s never done before.

so i was a full day of “first’s.”


two hours past matteo’s bedtime, we ended the night with some firework action.

i think the sparklers were his favorite, or maybe i just made that up cuz they’re my favorite!

either way, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect holiday!

here’s some pics of the festivities.

4th feast

4th baby

baby and birthday boy

the baby and the birthday boy!

4th sweets


future lovers

matteo got some love from his favorite girl vivi!


melon and strawberry peach granita’s




watching the rain

in awe


hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of july!

see you soon!

solo trip …..

14 Jul

avila beach

the husby and i took a little trip to the central coast

for the 4th of july.

this was our last trip together

before baby boy gets here.

it’s kinda crazy as the holidays go by,

that come september

we will never be alone for a holiday again.

we can’t wait to share our life with this little man.

but until then, here’s some pics from our solo trip!



^^^ wine tasting that the husby enjoyed ^^^




^^^ farmers market in visalia ^^^





^^^ might be the best veggie burger ever ^^^


^^^ no one i’d rather be with ^^^

… the 4th day in july …

4 Jul

i kind of like this whole holiday in the middle of the week, makes for a nice long weekend!

happy 4th of july !!!

unfortunately, the husby got bit by a scorpion last night, which made for a pretty painful night for him, and a pretty sleepless night for the both of us. so aside from the sleep deprivation, we are looking forward to having a much happy, more festive day, which should be, cuz it’s the 4th, yeah!!!! today is my dad’s birthday, so we are having a bbq at their house, so stay tuned for the holiday post.  i’m hoping to have the whole computer situation taken care of by monday, so sad to say, no pictures again today  :(…

we really hope everyone has a safe and spark-tacular day with your friends and family!!!!


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