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24 Feb

time sure does fly. i mean, is february almost over? there’s no excuse for my absence from the blog besides having way too much fun over here being a mom, and as much as i love documenting all of our little adventures, i put spending time with my little family and sleep first. so pardon me if these post come few and far between. but i’m here now and i have much to tell. january sure was eventful. the husby turned 30, we also celebrated my mom birthday,  we had a dinner party, cooked a lot, laughed a lot, enjoyed our beautiful weather and our beautiful baby.

fox friend

this little one is growing and changing everyday and just when i think he couldn’t get anymore delicious,

the next day he goes and does something that just melts us!




we had some tiny friends over for dinner!

i’m not sure who we should keep locked up, him or her?

birthday breakfast

this guy turned 30!!!!! and even though he doesn’t like much fuss over his birthday, a proper breakfast was in order.

we spent the day downtown with our little guy, just enjoying each others company.


make shift birthday candle! all that matters is that you get to make a wish, right?!

family birthday

tiny helpers for all these candles! mom and the husby’s birthday are two days apart

so we celebrated them both with the whole family.

cronut cake

only the best birthday cake ever. i mean, i know new york is famous for their cronuts

but let’s get real here, who doesn’t like anything fried, buttery and rolled in sugar?


caught up with an old friend, which i love. and so happy she got to meet mister matteo.

it’s hard getting a photo with a bay but i think this one was perfectly awkward.


we’ve been eating tons of vegetables over here lately and these heirloom radishes where delicious!


so not exactly sure if he understood what was going on here, but i’m just happy that he didn’t hate it.

the swings were my favorite as a kid and i just hope he loves it as much as i do.


these two sure have made life sweet and each day is getting better.

never did i imagine that a tiny person could make our lives feel so complete.


one of theses days i’ll catch up with the blog, but for now,

here’s a look into on january and stay tuned for scenes from february!


happy 1st birthday blog…..

11 Apr

holy moly

“we’ll figure it out”

is 1 year old today!!!!

i can hardly believe that only a year ago i wrote my very first blog post.

this has been such an amazing creative outlet for me!

so much has happened in a year, from birthdays, to holidays

vacations, becoming a citizen and our most exciting adventure yet….

expanding our family!

 i love that we get to share our little life’s adventures with you all,

so thank you for visiting as often as you do

and i hope you continue to stick around!!!


here’s a little flashback from the post that started it all!

starter blog pic

felt this was appropriate for the occasion!

the picture that started the blog!!!

^^three is better than one^^

29 Jan

what’s better than one birthday?

two birthdays,

no make that three birthdays, plus two birthdays in one.

have i confused you yet?!

so giuseppe’s birthday was january 23rd which fell on a wednesday

and my mom’s  on the 25th,

which fell on a friday. because their bdays are so close,

we usually end up celebrating them together.

so the birthday boy got his first celebration with just me on thursday,

having breakfast and running around the city together.

the second celebration was for both mama and husby on sunday,

at  my sisters with family and friends

and the third celebration was dinner with some more family and friends monday.

spoiled much? who gets a whole birthday week celebration?

we’ll forgive him, he deserves it.

here are few pictures of the birthday extravaganza week!!!


happy birthday mama and husby!

(is anyone else falling in love with this vine app?)


pestle n mortar

bday breakfast


cheese board

lemon custard cake

candles out

the folks

birthday girl

birthday boy

lets eat


the last supper…

3 Sep

i imagine that when you’re pregnant, time seems to go by very slow, and it’s not until the very end, that it seems to come too fast. i say this because my dear friend genevieve is going through just that. what seemed to be months and months of her being pregnant, has now turned into just days remaining. so things that someone would usually treat as something grand , loses its importance when compared to the arrival of a baby. and by grand, i mean birthdays! genevieve just wanted a simple dinner with her family, but in my head i was thinking, this could be “the last supper” pre baby, pre chaos and just all together for that matter. so i turned the  simple dinner into balloons, confetti and sparklers!! here’s some pics of genevieve’s grand  birthday!!

happy birthday genevieve!!!


12 Jun


sunday afternoon we celebrated my birthday with family and close friends.

we had what one friend called, “adult kid food”

pizza, coonies (pork and veal hot dogs), fruit cups, and of course birthday cake!

(there was much more, we’re italian, so we always over do it)

it was really nice just relaxing outside on what turned out to be the most perfect day.

the kiddos played on a mini water slide, while the adults chit chatted on cozy patio furniture.

we finished the evening with card games and scrabble.

(genevieve kicked our butts)

i am so thankful for having such an amazing family and friends, and i could not imagine sharing my special day with anybody else.

… just wish my mom could have been there…

so thank you to all who came to celebrate with me.

i love you guys!!


bacon wrapped dated made by genevieve

panzanella salad

ombre birthday cake made my me and genevieve

not just a birthday….

11 Jun

i woke up this morning to my husband saying, happy birthday, i love you, will you marry me again?

no three phrases have ever sounded sweeter.

this day is of course my birth-day, and this is the day that my husband proposed two years earlier.

so what could make this day even more special, you may ask?

a parisian breakfast with fresh squeezed juice,

prepared by my amazing and wonderful husband.

i truly am spoiled!

I am so giddy by all the warm birthday wishes i’ve received from my family and friends.

and i feel so blessed that all our family in italy has called me individually to say,

happy birthday!

the day has only begun and i can’t imagine it getting much better then this!

…here’s a birthday many years ago…


5 Jun

is anyone else as excited as me that it’s june?!!

this is my birthday month. the best month of the year.

some of the perks of having your birthday in june…

1. when i was a kid, school was always out

2. pool party’s/bbq’s

3. not too close to a holiday, so you don’t get jipped in the gift department

4. usually coincides with a summer vacation

5.you get to be a gemini

6. and the best of all, june 11th, which is also my birthday, giuseppe proposed to me


so with that said, here’s my bucket list for the month of june…..

– plan a weekend getaway with the husby

– bake my own birthday cake…. i know this may sound unconventional, but i really need the practice cuz i’m baking my friends shower cake in july and i don’t want to jack it up. ( i’m only looking out for you genevieve!)

– plan one fun activity a week for my niece and nephew, who i will be watching two days a week this summer.

– plan a romantic dinner for me and the husby. ( he deserves it for putting up with me )

– enjoy as many outdoor activities as possible, before it get way too hot outside to do anything.

i hope all of your june day’s will be as enjoyable, exciting, relaxing, spontaneous, and special as mine will be.

happy june!!!

one of my most favorite pictures ever of us!!!
florence, italy summer 2008

a night of birthday’s, music and fun

14 May

saturday night we celebrated my good friend stacey’s birthday by going to see

snow patrol perform at the Cosmopolitan!

this was my first time seeing a show at this venue and i was awesome.

we were poolside, and you could just hangout while your feet took a little dip.

unfortunately my love had to work, so he couldn’t make it,

but i video’d ( yes, i made that word up) a couple songs so he could listen to them and pretend he was there.

happy birthday stacey!

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