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did you know?… baby edition…

22 May
i use to do these “did you know” blogs in the beginning
to give you guys a chance to learn some funny facts about us,
so then i thought, why not let you know what baby boy
has put in our head these days.
  1. he was ready for babies years before she was
  2. she always thought she’d have all her kids before 30
  3. he thought she was pregnant with a girl
  4. she knew all along it was a boy
  5. he thinks she should drink espresso so the baby comes out liking it (it’s an italian thing)
  6. she doesn’t drink caffeine let alone espresso
  7. they plan to teach their baby italian
  8. he wants a little soccer player
  9. she never liked the color red and it somehow made it in the nursery
  10. they can’t seem to agree on a name
  11. they think this is going to be one of their greatest adventures
more fun facts here, here, and here
sand baby
sand baby
i thought our baby pictures were appropriate for this.
love these pics cuz even though we were so far apart then
we are somehow still connected.
two babies buried in the sand……. and capturing the same photo?

a mother…..

12 May

so i guess today i am celebrating my first mother’s day.

kinda weird since i haven’t seen my little one, or touched him,

or even heard him cry,

i can feel him in there though and i know he’s mine.

i feel so lucky to be able to create this little life inside me

and i can’t wait to be his mamma.


happy mother’s day to the woman who i hope to live up to,

my mamma!

i have learned so much from you as a mother and a wife,

you’re amazing, period.

 when my little man gets here,

i truly hope he sees me the way i see you.

love you mamma!


i would also like to wish my mother in-law all the way in italy

a happy mother’s day!

i can’t thank you enough for giving me

the most amazing husband, best partner in crime and

most thoughtful and loving man who i get to call mine.

un bacio.


and happy mother’s day to all you amazing moms out there.

hope your day is truly special.



mamma anna


things i want and things i need…..

9 May
things i want and things i need.....
(the diaper bag is by timi&leslie, and the necklaces are by three sisters jewelry)
here’s a couple things in my mamma radar.
the tummy rub and burt’s are daily necessities
but everything else in on my wish list
which i totally think should be a necessity too,
don’t you think?!
i’ve been feeling really great so far,
going on 24 weeks here soon.
more than half way there
i can’t wait to meet this little one.
happy to report that i really enjoy being pregnant.
it truly is such an amazing experience
and baby boy is kicking away in there
which makes it even more amazing!!!
here’s a shot of the latest bump!
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