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through the lens…..

31 May

a look through the eyes of my iphone lately…..

summer music

29 May

this concert filled weekend was a goodie. friday night a few friends and i went to see incubus perform at the joint inside the hard rock. this was my second time seeing them and i think my favorite. the first show i went to was in a large arena and my seats where what most like to call, “nose bleed”.  i got to view this show in my favorite section, “GA floor”, smushed in the middle of the action, feeding off of the crowds energy, and close enough to see the sweat on brandon boyd’s brow!

saturday night brought me to the blvd pool at the cosmopolitan to see young the giant perform. this show was amazing!!! for sure one of the best bands i’ve ever seen live. the blvd has quickly become one of my favorite venues for shows, and the summer lineup only adds to my excitement!!

happy friday…

25 May

i hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend.

going to incubus tonight and young the giant tomorrow night,

can’t wait!!!!

so, should have some fun posts for next week!

till then…

i leave you with some lovely weekend fashion inspiration!

weekend getaway

i’m a film director

23 May

i have just discovered my new favorite app.

if you don’t already have this app, it’s called

silent film director, and it seriously make all your video’s hilarious!!!!

here’s a little video we made this morning to test it out, but it turned out so cute, that i add to post it.

happy directing!!!

thanks brookque for sharing this with me.

i love it!!!

gino’s celebration cont..

22 May

so my nephew’s first communion was last weekend, but we didn’t get to celebrate.

so this weekend, that exactly what we did.

my parents hosted a group of friends and family at their house, and here’s how it turned out!

there’s the little man we’re honoring!

boy’s station

girl’s station

hanging with their friends

i swear it’s always so hard to get a picture of us together cuz i’m always the one taking them

downstairs, pick me up!!!

20 May

my house was feeling sad and beige, so with winter over and gone and spring in the air,

i decided my downstairs needed a little life brought to it.

 this house decorating has definitely been a process.

we didn’t do much when we first moved in cuz we were planning our wedding.

so with all that excitement over, the house is getting some much needed attention.

i have a huge list of renovations and fun little projects i want to do, but here’s the start.



and after…

through the lens

18 May

a look through the eyes of my iphone

happy friday!!!

hope you have a fun and safe weekend!


17 May
these are a few of my favorite things……
and yes i’m channeling julie andrews in the sound of music
  • my morning grapefruit
  • the last drop of giuseppe’s espresso where the sugar and coffee are thick like syrup
  • my nephew spinning in circles till he’s so dizzy, he falls down
  • anthropologie candles (volcano scent)
  • the smell of my new sleep mask (it’s like aromatherapy in your sleep)
  • cold bed sheets
  • morning pup kisses
  • family sunday’s
  • fresh flowers in the house
  • the cooking channel
  • my beach cruiser… (can someone get me a beach to cruise, please….)
  • pinterest….. who’s not obsessed?
  • pillows, pillows and more pillows… (on the couch, bed, floor, anywhere i can put one)

scooting around rome, italy


16 May

so this year we hosted mother’s day at our house.

since i’m the only non-mom, not including my dog mommy duties,

i thought it would be a nice treat for all the mama’s in my family to a little day off.

i made them all some chamomile sugar body scrub for some relaxing shower time.

plus i was super excited to put some use to our brand new picnic table that we painted a couple weeks ago, bright yellow!

i was really nice to have the family all together to celebrate the reason for our existence


that’s my mama….. isn’t she the cutest?!balsamic glazed chickenfruit pizza

here’s a little flashback to the past of my mama and i.

then and now!!

even though giuseppe’s mother couldn’t be in vegas to celebrate with us

we send her our love, all the way to italy.

we love you guys.

happy mother’s day!!!

a night of birthday’s, music and fun

14 May

saturday night we celebrated my good friend stacey’s birthday by going to see

snow patrol perform at the Cosmopolitan!

this was my first time seeing a show at this venue and i was awesome.

we were poolside, and you could just hangout while your feet took a little dip.

unfortunately my love had to work, so he couldn’t make it,

but i video’d ( yes, i made that word up) a couple songs so he could listen to them and pretend he was there.

happy birthday stacey!

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