16 May

so this year we hosted mother’s day at our house.

since i’m the only non-mom, not including my dog mommy duties,

i thought it would be a nice treat for all the mama’s in my family to a little day off.

i made them all some chamomile sugar body scrub for some relaxing shower time.

plus i was super excited to put some use to our brand new picnic table that we painted a couple weeks ago, bright yellow!

i was really nice to have the family all together to celebrate the reason for our existence


that’s my mama….. isn’t she the cutest?!balsamic glazed chickenfruit pizza

here’s a little flashback to the past of my mama and i.

then and now!!

even though giuseppe’s mother couldn’t be in vegas to celebrate with us

we send her our love, all the way to italy.

we love you guys.

happy mother’s day!!!

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