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… crash …

29 Jun

if you’re wondering why i haven’t posted anything in a while, it’s because my poor computer crashed on wednesday and i lost everything on it.  this wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if someone was backing up their computer every so often, but of course, i did not back up mine.  i’m not the most computer savvy person, so i was naive to the fact that everyone should be backing up their info at some point.  so i had to learn the hard way.  i’m still not sure how much stuff can be recovered from the hard drive, but i’m trying not to get my hopes up to high, just to prepare my self for the worst.  i will say though, this event has made me very grateful for my blog because i have gotten to document so many important events and fun times in our lives for the past three months. so since i am using my husbands computer, which is fairly new and has not a single photo on it, i can’t attach any new pics to this blog.  i hope to have my computer back soon, so i can get back to my happy blogging place (this time “backing up” everything i put on it)  with pictures and all!!

till then….happy friday!!!

through the lens

26 Jun

… a look through the eyes of my phone lately …

gianna’s amazing origami

the kiddo’s working on crafts

the husby has never been to disneyland. can you believe it??? something we need to plan for the near future.

… house to home …

25 Jun

here’s a couple of things we’ve done around the house lately,

to make it feel more like a home!

it’s funny how a couple of cans of spray paint and chalk board paint can make me feel so happy.

i’ve also been rearranging furniture and re-styling shelves.

the husby thinks i’m crazy, but it just makes everything feel fresh and new,

plus, i just can’t help myself. i like change!


added the anthropologie letters above the bed

spray painted the legs and basket

chalk board paint

tickle my fancy

21 Jun

… some of my favorite things this month …

  • rearranging the living room furniture
  • fresh flowers in the house
  • my new desk chair
  • origami
  • sun-days and days in the sun
  • house plants
  • white spray paint
  • the husby getting his motorcycle license ( to buy a scooter, woohoo!! )
  • late night walks with the pups
  • my new glasses ( b-day gifted by the husby )

men of the house

18 Jun

hope everyone had an amazing “papa’s” day!

here are some pictures of our fun day.

all the grand kids with nonno



beef stew

… all the papa’s with their kids …

my brother mimmo with nico

my brother-in-law frank with gino and gianna

where it all began

my doggy daddy
giuseppe with rocky and bruno


… papa …

17 Jun


there are many names for this man






 my personal favorite, and the only one he answers to


now this didn’t just become my favorite name over night, it was instilled in me from birth.

you see, when you are raised in a tradition italian house hold, no other name is acceptable,

and if you did use any of the other names, you just got a confused look like,

“are you talking to me?”

i always wanted to create “father’s day ” cards so i wouldn’t have to cross the father part out, to put in papa.

made for a shabby looking card. non the less, it was “personalized”


 how lucky am i to grow up with such a strong, hard-working, loving, supportive “papa”

who would do anything to give me the world and more.

and in his own way, though he may not realize it,


i am so thankful to have him in my life and should dedicate more days to honoring his existence.

happy father’s papa’s day everyone!

hope you all have a great day with your families.


… i love you papa …

…summer blouses…

14 Jun
...summer blouses...


12 Jun


sunday afternoon we celebrated my birthday with family and close friends.

we had what one friend called, “adult kid food”

pizza, coonies (pork and veal hot dogs), fruit cups, and of course birthday cake!

(there was much more, we’re italian, so we always over do it)

it was really nice just relaxing outside on what turned out to be the most perfect day.

the kiddos played on a mini water slide, while the adults chit chatted on cozy patio furniture.

we finished the evening with card games and scrabble.

(genevieve kicked our butts)

i am so thankful for having such an amazing family and friends, and i could not imagine sharing my special day with anybody else.

… just wish my mom could have been there…

so thank you to all who came to celebrate with me.

i love you guys!!


bacon wrapped dated made by genevieve

panzanella salad

ombre birthday cake made my me and genevieve

not just a birthday….

11 Jun

i woke up this morning to my husband saying, happy birthday, i love you, will you marry me again?

no three phrases have ever sounded sweeter.

this day is of course my birth-day, and this is the day that my husband proposed two years earlier.

so what could make this day even more special, you may ask?

a parisian breakfast with fresh squeezed juice,

prepared by my amazing and wonderful husband.

i truly am spoiled!

I am so giddy by all the warm birthday wishes i’ve received from my family and friends.

and i feel so blessed that all our family in italy has called me individually to say,

happy birthday!

the day has only begun and i can’t imagine it getting much better then this!

…here’s a birthday many years ago…


5 Jun

is anyone else as excited as me that it’s june?!!

this is my birthday month. the best month of the year.

some of the perks of having your birthday in june…

1. when i was a kid, school was always out

2. pool party’s/bbq’s

3. not too close to a holiday, so you don’t get jipped in the gift department

4. usually coincides with a summer vacation get to be a gemini

6. and the best of all, june 11th, which is also my birthday, giuseppe proposed to me


so with that said, here’s my bucket list for the month of june…..

– plan a weekend getaway with the husby

– bake my own birthday cake…. i know this may sound unconventional, but i really need the practice cuz i’m baking my friends shower cake in july and i don’t want to jack it up. ( i’m only looking out for you genevieve!)

– plan one fun activity a week for my niece and nephew, who i will be watching two days a week this summer.

– plan a romantic dinner for me and the husby. ( he deserves it for putting up with me )

– enjoy as many outdoor activities as possible, before it get way too hot outside to do anything.

i hope all of your june day’s will be as enjoyable, exciting, relaxing, spontaneous, and special as mine will be.

happy june!!!

one of my most favorite pictures ever of us!!!
florence, italy summer 2008

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