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brand new…..

6 Oct

i wanted to share some of my favorite pictures

from our photo session when

matteo was still so brand new!

three are we


the view

love at first sight


bits n pieces



again i would like to thank susan morse of two winks studio

for capturing our new little family so perfectly!

we’d like you to meet someone…..

25 Sep

matteo roman conte

7 lbs. 9 oz.

19.5 inches

august 30, 2013


this little man sure has changed our lives

and we can’t wait to share his tiny adventures with you!!!

i would like to thank susan for capturing

baby matteo so perfectly.

check out her work at two winks studio

here and there

10 Feb

i know, i know, i’ve been a slacker this past week or so.

it’s been a busy week at work, and we have some dear friends in town from california.

so things have been a little crazy around here.

so forgive me.

just wanted to share some photos of life through the eyes on my iphone.

here there and everywhere we go!




fancy dinner

sun bathing



house guest


on the town

here and there….

8 Nov

 a look at  life through the eyes of my iphone, here and there and everywhere!!!

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