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january’s to-do’s…..

9 Jan

just a few things i’d like to see happen in january

  • finish a book……(any book)
  • have a garage sale
  • bake or cook one new thing
  • start drawing again
  • do something kind for a stranger
  • see a movie
  • journal more often
  • have a slumber party with my niece and nephew
  • discover a new band
  • do 5 special things for the husby (it’s his birthday month)

paris, fall 2011

Paris 2011….. honeymoon ♥

 i be here again please?!

the count down…..

20 Aug
get me out of this funky…..
august has seemed to put me in a strange mood.
maybe this heat has finally gotten to me.
i’ve been feeling uninspired and unmotivated.
thus leaving my blog a little uninspired and unmotivated.
but september is right around the corner and i couldn’t be happier.
so, to try to pump myself up,
i have decided to make some goals for the month ahead
september’s bucket list
  • walk the dogs at least 3 times a week
  • wash my makeup off every night
  • finish one of the many books i have started
  • try 3 new recipes
  • put the majority for my pictures in albums
  • organize the pantry
  • watch less television
  • clean out the closet for fall
  • save money for a big trip


i also thought it would be a good idea to write down some of the things that i am grateful for this month

  • my husband, who is 31 days smoke-free and going strong. he inspires me everyday to be better
  • my parents who have been away for the summer. so glad to have you home. sunday’s feel right again
  • my pups who love me unconditionally
  • all my family for the good times we have when we get together
  • my niece and nephews for always putting a smile on my face
  • my friends that are always there for me and allow me to be my self

i’m starting the count down

11 days to september!!!

my 25th birthday

weekend bucket list

12 Apr
  • pick a paint color for the living room
  • take the pups to mingle 
  • try a new recipe
  • plant herbs 
  • spring cleaning 
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