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stay tuned…..

29 Jun

hey guys! it’s saturday, hooray!!

i know i’ve been a slacker lately

but stick around

there’s much to come…..

new belly pics, the baby shower, a nursery reveal.

and who knows what else, but i’m sure

exciting things!!!!!

i hope everyone enjoys there’s weekend

and all you vegas people, try to stay cool.


thought i’d share some fun pics that i like to call the out takes.

this is how long it takes to get the husby to smile for one decent shot!

out take1

ou take2

out take 3

out take 4

out take 5

out take 6

out take 7

out take 8

out take 9

and 10

that’s 10 tries people…. are you kidding me?!!!

happy birthday to me…..

13 Jun

i don’t know if it’s cuz the big 3-0 isn’t till next year

or the fact that baby boy is on the way

but i really just wanted a low-key birthday this year.

so spending the day with family and close friends at sunday brunch

sounded right up my alley.


but my birthday wish came true when

the husby surprised me by coming home early from his trip!

a night at home and a dinner at my favorite pizza shop

couldn’t have made my day more perfect!


i would also like to thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes!

i felt super loved!!!


here’s some pics of the past couple days of b-day fun!


the girls







little man

fancy ladies


this guy

make a wish




here and there…..

3 Jun

i feel like i’ve been pretty boring these days

when i’m not at work, i’m working on the nursery

and with whatever time is left, i try to relax.

making a baby takes a lot out of you.

so if you’re wondering where i’ve been,

now you know.

sorta feel like i haven’t had much to blog about

since i can’t reveal the nursery till it’s all done!

and like i said….. i’ve been pretty boring.

i do though have some random pictures to share of

here, there and everywhere we go.




^^^nico’s first time eating ribs off the bone!^^^


^^^virgin bloody mary^^^

mother's day

^^^a pic from mother’s day with my mama^^^

stuffed artichokes

the crib

dinners at your place


pups at the park

daily use


the bump

^^^the bump^^^


stick around cuz i get the feeling exciting things are to come!!!

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