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^^three is better than one^^

29 Jan

what’s better than one birthday?

two birthdays,

no make that three birthdays, plus two birthdays in one.

have i confused you yet?!

so giuseppe’s birthday was january 23rd which fell on a wednesday

and my mom’s  on the 25th,

which fell on a friday. because their bdays are so close,

we usually end up celebrating them together.

so the birthday boy got his first celebration with just me on thursday,

having breakfast and running around the city together.

the second celebration was for both mama and husby on sunday,

at  my sisters with family and friends

and the third celebration was dinner with some more family and friends monday.

spoiled much? who gets a whole birthday week celebration?

we’ll forgive him, he deserves it.

here are few pictures of the birthday extravaganza week!!!


happy birthday mama and husby!

(is anyone else falling in love with this vine app?)


pestle n mortar

bday breakfast


cheese board

lemon custard cake

candles out

the folks

birthday girl

birthday boy

lets eat


^^^ happy happy day ^^^

23 Jan

today is my ridiculously  handsome,

incredibly passionate,

hilariously entertaining,

unconditionally loving husband’s birthday,

and i’d like to wish him the

happiest of happy birthdays there ever was!

he’s 29 today!


i love you my better half, my biggest supporter, my personal chef,(i know you’re all jealous)

my husby and my love


^^^a few of my favorites^^^





hot date



15 Jan

new citizen

its been a long time coming, 8 years in the making to be exact. but the day has finally come!!!!!

my handsome husband is officially an american citizen!


it was a proud day for the both of us. starting with a small ceremony at the court-house,

with some inspirational speakers that made for a memorable day.

so over the weekend to celebrate this great honor, i decided to throw an all american party,

including, sliders, hotdogs, all the traditional sides,

an american flag cake, root beer floats, and some of our lovely guests brought

apple pie and donuts.

doesn’t get much more american than that.

we couldn’t be more thankful for all the people who shared in our celebration,

and i couldn’t be more proud of my husband

carmine giuseppe conte! aka:husby

the americano!!!!

thanks everyone, we love you!

envelope #8! coincidence? i think not!it's not our lucky number for nothing.

envelope #8! coincidence? i think not!
it’s not our lucky number for nothing.



congratzburgers n dogssilly stringsilly stringsilly string

root beer floats

with the ladies


flag cake


january’s to-do’s…..

9 Jan

just a few things i’d like to see happen in january

  • finish a book……(any book)
  • have a garage sale
  • bake or cook one new thing
  • start drawing again
  • do something kind for a stranger
  • see a movie
  • journal more often
  • have a slumber party with my niece and nephew
  • discover a new band
  • do 5 special things for the husby (it’s his birthday month)

paris, fall 2011

Paris 2011….. honeymoon ♥

 i be here again please?!

a year to remember…..

3 Jan

i know this is a little late, but i swear i have an excuse.

i dropped my phone in the toilet NYE and therefore lost all my pictures from that night,

and from the past two weeks or so.

….. so sad …..

needless to say, my “here and there” december edition no longer exists.

anyways…. 2012

what a year this was. the husby and i were looking back at all we had done,

and i came to realize that he accomplished much more than i did. (over achiever)

for starters, he quite smoking (for this he is the strongest man i know)

he went back to school, got his dream motorcycle, and became a legal citizen

(more details on that coming soon)

and even though i didn’t accomplish any of these things myself,

i sort of feel just as satisfied as him, because he is my other half and therefore

any good in his life is just as rewarding to me.

i am so grateful for my life with him and all the good that 2012 brought to us.

we can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store.

something tells me this is my year….

guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

thank you guys for be a part of our lives this year and we hope you stick around for many more!

xoxo, g & g



thanks for the photos stacey!

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