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here’s how we do it…..

28 Dec

so i know everyone has their own family traditions, but i’d like to share how we do the holidays.

the big day for us is christmas eve. we start the festivities off at my parents house for lunch,

which means i get there around 11:00am to help prepare. this meal consists of all fish,

traditionally  seven to be exact, but who’s counting?

for starters, (and my most favorite) pasta with lobster sauce

then there’s shrimp scampi, fried shrimp, calamari, bacala , cod cakes and crab legs.

everyone’s favorite side….. fried broccoli and cauliflower!!!

i know it sounds stupid, but these suckers are addicting,

and we make enough to have leftovers to carry on to the night festivities.

which brings us to what we call midnight pizza’s

(even though we don’t eat at midnight, the name just kinda stuck)

this is the party where we invite our friends to join in on the celebration.

so basically everyone gets to make their own personal pizza with all the fixings. it’s a fun hands on,

kinda mess, but always a good time kind of thing.

this year we added an ice cream bar with little waffle bowls and an endless amount of toppings!

we exchange gifts, the kids play games and everyone has a jolly good time!

so now it’s about 10:45pm, and i bet you thought the night was over…… wrong.

the husby and i then go to his aunt’s house to do the whole christmas celebration with that side of the family.

we’re talking a full meal plus gifts and the usual table talk.

we rounded out the night at about 2:00am,

only to walk up at 8:30 to be at my sister’s house at 9:00 for breakfast and to watch the little ones open up a few gifts.

now’s the time when we get a little break. the husby and i go home, exchanged our gifts

(which we only do stocking stuffers, but i must say, the husby is a way better shopper than me)

then we relax a little, only to then again head back to my parents house for christmas dinner.

this meal consisted of lasagna, prime rib and some veggie sides of green beans and potatoes.

all this eating and parting brings us all to one place….. the couch in a food coma.

it’s always such a good time celebrating the holidays with all your family and friends, and it sure does go by fast,

but, i must say, i am always happy to see them go.

(i’m exhausted!)


what fun and exciting traditions do you guys have?!





what a ham



jingle bells bottom

flying high


ice cream bar


white pizza

the girls

camera man

dear friends




heavy lifting





the end.

festive foods…..

16 Oct

holiday’s mean holiday parties and with that comes food, the question is,

what food???

well i’ve got a couple halloween festive foods that are super easy and super yummy!!!

i hope this takes that stress out of your holiday party planning.

what fun festive foods do you like to make?!

“pepperoni pizza snake”

“white chocolate pretzel bones”


things you will need for the pizza snake

  1. a sheet pan lined with foil and sprayed with cooking spray
  2. pizza dough (any kind, i used rosemary focaccia for more flavor)
  3. a little flour to roll out the dough
  4. rolling pin
  5. shredded mozzarella cheese
  6. any  pizza topping you like (i kept it classic with pepperoni for the allusion of blood and bones)
  7. an egg
  8. green food coloring
  9. 2 green olives for eyes
  10. 1 red pepper for the tongue
  11. 2 toothpicks

– begin by pre heating your oven to 350 degrees

– flour the surface of your counter and roll out the dough to a rectangular shape

– add your topping to the center portion making the first and last layer cheese

– roll the pizza into a log

– form into an “s” on your greased sheet pan, seam side down

– brush the top of the roll with the beaten egg and food coloring

– bake for 30-35 min. or until golden

-place toothpicks where the eyes would go and then place olives on the toothpicks

– cut the pepper into a tongue shape and place in the mouth

– then serve!!!!

easy as that!!!


now for the white chocolate pretzel bones

  1. pretzel rods
  2. mini marshmallows
  3. white chocolate to melt
  4. wax paper
  5. a fork

– put a mini marshmallow on each end of the pretzel rod

– dip in melted white chocolate (i melt my chocolate in the microwave at 30 sec 3x)

– use the fork to fish the bone out

– place on wax paper

–  refrigerate for 15-20 min or until chocolate is hard

– place in a bowl and serve

happy party planning everyone!!!!!

a game of dice…..

14 Sep

So every first thursday of the month, me and 11 other girls get together to play a dice game called bunco. the only problem with this game, is that it requires a little focus and therefore, leaves little time to talk. you can imagine that when you get 12 girls together, the main thing they are interested in is of course, talking!  so let’s just say, we take a little longer to plan than most people. september was my month to host, which mean you provide the food and booze for that month. here’s a little look at bunco night at my house!!

let the games begin….

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