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o n e…..

30 Aug




one year ago today, you came into this world and we were forever changed. never in a million years could we have imagined how much love and joy you would bring into our lives. you have so much light in your soul, that it radiates out of you and makes everything around so much brighter. our hearts are so filled and each day continues to get better. you made us a mamma and a papa and that is the greatest gift we could have ever been given. thank you for your smiling face, contagious laugh, morning snuggles, opened mouth kisses,  daily serenades,  wicked dance moves, for teaching us to slow down and see things through your eyes, and  most importantly, for your unconditional love. you truly are the love of our lives and  the air in our lungs. we can’t wait for many more adventures with you. happy 1st birthday potato! we love you!


mamma & papa


can’t believe my baby is o~n~e!

here are a few of my favorite shots of our little lover in his first year of life.


family of 3

























happy 1st birthday blog…..

11 Apr

holy moly

“we’ll figure it out”

is 1 year old today!!!!

i can hardly believe that only a year ago i wrote my very first blog post.

this has been such an amazing creative outlet for me!

so much has happened in a year, from birthdays, to holidays

vacations, becoming a citizen and our most exciting adventure yet….

expanding our family!

 i love that we get to share our little life’s adventures with you all,

so thank you for visiting as often as you do

and i hope you continue to stick around!!!


here’s a little flashback from the post that started it all!

starter blog pic

felt this was appropriate for the occasion!

the picture that started the blog!!!

in the anniversary clouds…..

11 Oct

it’s crazy how quickly a year goes by. i can remember our wedding day like it was yesterday,

how i felt, how beautiful everything was and this crazy calm feeling that came over me,

just confirming how right everything was.

i hope i never forget all the little details from that impossibly perfect day.

so here we are one year later, and what better way to celebrate then with two days all to our selves. we spent our first night together at the wicked show ( which by the way, if you’ve never seen it…. a-mazing!) and then  headed to chinatown for a little late night dinner, slurping pho. the second day we found our selves snuggling in bed longer then usual and decided to have a lazy day. so we skipped breakfast and went to an early lunch of pizza, then slept some more and then went for a romantic dinner at one of our favorite steakhouses. we ended our night at home over a bottle of wine and read the letters that we wrote to each other one year earlier on our wedding day. i couldn’t have asked for a better one year anniversary and can’t wait to celebrate the many more to come.

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