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here’s how we do it…..

28 Dec

so i know everyone has their own family traditions, but i’d like to share how we do the holidays.

the big day for us is christmas eve. we start the festivities off at my parents house for lunch,

which means i get there around 11:00am to help prepare. this meal consists of all fish,

traditionally  seven to be exact, but who’s counting?

for starters, (and my most favorite) pasta with lobster sauce

then there’s shrimp scampi, fried shrimp, calamari, bacala , cod cakes and crab legs.

everyone’s favorite side….. fried broccoli and cauliflower!!!

i know it sounds stupid, but these suckers are addicting,

and we make enough to have leftovers to carry on to the night festivities.

which brings us to what we call midnight pizza’s

(even though we don’t eat at midnight, the name just kinda stuck)

this is the party where we invite our friends to join in on the celebration.

so basically everyone gets to make their own personal pizza with all the fixings. it’s a fun hands on,

kinda mess, but always a good time kind of thing.

this year we added an ice cream bar with little waffle bowls and an endless amount of toppings!

we exchange gifts, the kids play games and everyone has a jolly good time!

so now it’s about 10:45pm, and i bet you thought the night was over…… wrong.

the husby and i then go to his aunt’s house to do the whole christmas celebration with that side of the family.

we’re talking a full meal plus gifts and the usual table talk.

we rounded out the night at about 2:00am,

only to walk up at 8:30 to be at my sister’s house at 9:00 for breakfast and to watch the little ones open up a few gifts.

now’s the time when we get a little break. the husby and i go home, exchanged our gifts

(which we only do stocking stuffers, but i must say, the husby is a way better shopper than me)

then we relax a little, only to then again head back to my parents house for christmas dinner.

this meal consisted of lasagna, prime rib and some veggie sides of green beans and potatoes.

all this eating and parting brings us all to one place….. the couch in a food coma.

it’s always such a good time celebrating the holidays with all your family and friends, and it sure does go by fast,

but, i must say, i am always happy to see them go.

(i’m exhausted!)


what fun and exciting traditions do you guys have?!





what a ham



jingle bells bottom

flying high


ice cream bar


white pizza

the girls

camera man

dear friends




heavy lifting





the end.


25 Dec

so here’s our pick for our christmas card!!!!

(looks kinda fuzzy cuz it’s on shimmer paper)


xmas card



we hope that everyone has a merry day with all your loved ones.

hopefully santa brought  you everything you wanted!!!

so from our family to yours


merry christmas


gina and giuseppe

did you know?…..

18 Dec
another edition of “did you know?”
just some fun facts to get to know us a little better
  1. he uses bread as a spoon for practically every meal
  2. she hates to make the bed
  3. he is addicted to buying jackets even though they live in one of the warmest climates
  4. she loves to wrap presents
  5. he can make something out of nothing in the kitchen
  6. she can only cook what she know and needs all the ingredients to make it happen
  7. he proposed with a video he made of them
  8. she counts that as one of the best days of her life
  9. he’s a better gift giver than her
  10. she is contemplating not having a television

together forever

holiday here’s and there’s…..

11 Dec


here and there and everywhere

a look through the eyes of my iphone

holiday style!!!


tree pickin


tree trimmings


the tree


holiday crafts


craft tree

holiday bunco


deck the halls

bedroom tree




mama's tree

chalk tree

ok, i know what your thinking……. how many tree’s can we possible have?


i think there’s never too many!!!

happy holly-days!!!

holiday wish list part one…

4 Dec
wish list
1. sperry winter boots/2.jonathan adler cross pillow/3.eyeglass beg/4.turkishtowels

let the countdown begin…..

1 Dec

so december is here, and quickly i might add.

i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving with their families and friends.

i know i sure did!

i don’t know about you guys, but my house is already fully decorated for christmas!!! 


i love when the house smells like pine cones and winter berry candles.

i think the only thing that would make it feel a little more like the holidays would be some cooler weather.

but i don’t think i can complain too much, 70 degrees in december….. whaaaaat???

we took some family pictures this past weekend for our x-mas cards, and since we like to pretend that we are photographers (we are nowhere near pros, haha!) we took the photos our selves. kinda difficult when you have to keep running back and forth to set the timer. anyways, here’s a couple shots from the shoot.

you’ll have to wait to see which one made the cut for the card!

let the count down to x-mas begin………. 25 days

happy december everyone!!!!

xmas photo

xmas photo

xmas photot

xmas photo

xmas photo

xmas photo

xmas photo

xmas photo

xmas photo

xmas photo

p.s. i wish the husby never had to shave. so handsome with a beard

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