let the countdown begin…..

1 Dec

so december is here, and quickly i might add.

i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving with their families and friends.

i know i sure did!

i don’t know about you guys, but my house is already fully decorated for christmas!!! 


i love when the house smells like pine cones and winter berry candles.

i think the only thing that would make it feel a little more like the holidays would be some cooler weather.

but i don’t think i can complain too much, 70 degrees in december….. whaaaaat???

we took some family pictures this past weekend for our x-mas cards, and since we like to pretend that we are photographers (we are nowhere near pros, haha!) we took the photos our selves. kinda difficult when you have to keep running back and forth to set the timer. anyways, here’s a couple shots from the shoot.

you’ll have to wait to see which one made the cut for the card!

let the count down to x-mas begin………. 25 days

happy december everyone!!!!

xmas photo

xmas photo

xmas photot

xmas photo

xmas photo

xmas photo

xmas photo

xmas photo

xmas photo

xmas photo

p.s. i wish the husby never had to shave. so handsome with a beard

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