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here and there…… (before baby)

27 Aug

so here i am into my 39th week of pregnancy trying to be as patient as possible for this little guy to come.

and as easy and wonderful as my pregnancy has been,

i must say this has to be the hardest part.


“come out baby boy, we want to meet you”

with all this time on my hands (which i know i will miss)

i’ve sort of run out of things to do.

i’ve washed every article of clothing in this house,

pretty much redecorated my downstairs,

refurnished a piece of furniture,

and the list goes on.

i know what your thinking, then why haven’t i revealed the nursery yet?

i am waiting on one small item and then

i promise I’ll reveal it.

if baby doesn’t get here before then!

but until then, here are a few pics

here and there and everywhere we go

…..before baby is in the picture…..

little man



a date

baby love




flap jacks

italian baby

husby love

pizza vera

39 weeks

hopefully the next couple posts will be all about baby!

can’t wait to share with you guys!


he or she?….. what will it be?

5 Apr

boy or girl

p or v

baby n bump

she or he

gender box

its a boy!!

^^^ it’s a BOY!!!! ^^^

we’re so exciting to share the news that we’ve got a baby boy on the way!!!


^^^ here’s a couple belly picks at 18 weeks as well ^^^




happy friday everyone!!!

figuring this stuff out….

7 Mar


so i’m into my 14th week of pregnancy over here,

and feeling pretty great!

by the way, i was always annoyed when people used weeks to describe

how far along they were in their pregnancy, but now i get it.

a lot changes in a week.

 forgive me if i ever criticized you.

just don’t expect me to say my little one is 28 months old!

you get up to a year and that’s about it.

(don’t quote me on this, i’ve been know to change my mind. hehe)

anyways, i’m feeling very fortunate for how wonderful i’ve been feeling.

i might even go as far to say that this pregnancy stuff is kinda easy.

(again, don’t quote me on that, or hate me for it)

i’m just saying all these extra hormones have made me feel

happy, and as of a week ago more energetic,

and the extra hair on my head….. pretty amazing.

(i’m sad it’s gonna go)

 the hard part has been figuring out all the things that baby will need.

i mean, the options are endless.

why do i need 20 different changing pads to pick from????

i’ve slowly been writing down suggestions and reviewing every product that’s out there

but it’s a little over whelming and feels never-ending.

i know i’ve got time, but anyone who knows me, knows that i like to be over prepared for things,

so why would baby be any exception.

so i thought i would ask for a little help from you guys.

i would love to know what your must haves, can’t live with out, wouldn’t leave the house with,

top rated baby shenanigans you think we’ll need:

products, gear, clothing toys, and whatever else is out there.

you’d be saving me a great deal of time and i would be truly grateful.

can’t wait to hear from you all.



feeling the love…..

20 Feb

with the resent announcement of

♥baby conte♥

in the making,

the blog has received over 500 views in the past few days.

holy moly, that’s amazing!!!

we just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the

kind words, love and support.

we are really feeling the love over here!

we can’t wait to share this little baby adventure with you all.

so stick around and visit often.

xoxo, gina and giuseppe

mama n papa

shhh, we’ve got a secret…..

18 Feb

we’ve got a secret

that we just can’t keep anymore!





whole lotta love



we couldn’t be more thrilled to spread the big news

we’ve got a little baby on the way!!!

the last supper…

3 Sep

i imagine that when you’re pregnant, time seems to go by very slow, and it’s not until the very end, that it seems to come too fast. i say this because my dear friend genevieve is going through just that. what seemed to be months and months of her being pregnant, has now turned into just days remaining. so things that someone would usually treat as something grand , loses its importance when compared to the arrival of a baby. and by grand, i mean birthdays! genevieve just wanted a simple dinner with her family, but in my head i was thinking, this could be “the last supper” pre baby, pre chaos and just all together for that matter. so i turned the  simple dinner into balloons, confetti and sparklers!! here’s some pics of genevieve’s grand  birthday!!

happy birthday genevieve!!!

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