figuring this stuff out….

7 Mar


so i’m into my 14th week of pregnancy over here,

and feeling pretty great!

by the way, i was always annoyed when people used weeks to describe

how far along they were in their pregnancy, but now i get it.

a lot changes in a week.

 forgive me if i ever criticized you.

just don’t expect me to say my little one is 28 months old!

you get up to a year and that’s about it.

(don’t quote me on this, i’ve been know to change my mind. hehe)

anyways, i’m feeling very fortunate for how wonderful i’ve been feeling.

i might even go as far to say that this pregnancy stuff is kinda easy.

(again, don’t quote me on that, or hate me for it)

i’m just saying all these extra hormones have made me feel

happy, and as of a week ago more energetic,

and the extra hair on my head….. pretty amazing.

(i’m sad it’s gonna go)

 the hard part has been figuring out all the things that baby will need.

i mean, the options are endless.

why do i need 20 different changing pads to pick from????

i’ve slowly been writing down suggestions and reviewing every product that’s out there

but it’s a little over whelming and feels never-ending.

i know i’ve got time, but anyone who knows me, knows that i like to be over prepared for things,

so why would baby be any exception.

so i thought i would ask for a little help from you guys.

i would love to know what your must haves, can’t live with out, wouldn’t leave the house with,

top rated baby shenanigans you think we’ll need:

products, gear, clothing toys, and whatever else is out there.

you’d be saving me a great deal of time and i would be truly grateful.

can’t wait to hear from you all.



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