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men of the house

18 Jun

hope everyone had an amazing “papa’s” day!

here are some pictures of our fun day.

all the grand kids with nonno



beef stew

… all the papa’s with their kids …

my brother mimmo with nico

my brother-in-law frank with gino and gianna

where it all began

my doggy daddy
giuseppe with rocky and bruno


… papa …

17 Jun


there are many names for this man






 my personal favorite, and the only one he answers to


now this didn’t just become my favorite name over night, it was instilled in me from birth.

you see, when you are raised in a tradition italian house hold, no other name is acceptable,

and if you did use any of the other names, you just got a confused look like,

“are you talking to me?”

i always wanted to create “father’s day ” cards so i wouldn’t have to cross the father part out, to put in papa.

made for a shabby looking card. non the less, it was “personalized”


 how lucky am i to grow up with such a strong, hard-working, loving, supportive “papa”

who would do anything to give me the world and more.

and in his own way, though he may not realize it,


i am so thankful to have him in my life and should dedicate more days to honoring his existence.

happy father’s papa’s day everyone!

hope you all have a great day with your families.


… i love you papa …

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