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… head of the table …

6 Aug

finally the day has come! head chairs for my kitchen table!

….. hooray …..

we are going on almost two years in this house and

using make shift chairs just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

but thanks to a friend of my who’s been stashing some

antique chairs in her garage for who knows how long,

our lonely kitchen table is finally rescued.

she let me snatch up these little goodies

to actual get some use out of them.

so with a good sander, a little painters tape and of coarse, my favorite…..

… spray paint …

we turned these old antique chair’s into fresh and modern accent pieces.

check out our before and afters!!!

happy diy to u!!!

… house to home …

25 Jun

here’s a couple of things we’ve done around the house lately,

to make it feel more like a home!

it’s funny how a couple of cans of spray paint and chalk board paint can make me feel so happy.

i’ve also been rearranging furniture and re-styling shelves.

the husby thinks i’m crazy, but it just makes everything feel fresh and new,

plus, i just can’t help myself. i like change!


added the anthropologie letters above the bed

spray painted the legs and basket

chalk board paint

downstairs, pick me up!!!

20 May

my house was feeling sad and beige, so with winter over and gone and spring in the air,

i decided my downstairs needed a little life brought to it.

 this house decorating has definitely been a process.

we didn’t do much when we first moved in cuz we were planning our wedding.

so with all that excitement over, the house is getting some much needed attention.

i have a huge list of renovations and fun little projects i want to do, but here’s the start.



and after…

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