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taking it slo…..

8 Jan


with christmas so early in the week this year, it made for a long weekend!! so we decided to get away after the holiday and head to the central coast, san luis obispo “slo county” to be exact. this was matteo’s first vacation, which made it even more exciting.  our little man did so good on the road,….he must be a natural. my mom use to call me a gypsy, so i may have given him a little of that traveler gene.

treethis tree was seriously amazing and the photo does no justice to it at all


they call this bubblegum alley and it’s exactly that. both sides of the alley were completely covered in gum on top of gum on top of gum. i’m talking like a couple inches thick here. it’s disgusting and awesome all at the same time.


just one of our tasty treats!


rolling hills

we toured a vineyard in paso robles and stumbled upon this amazing view


the weather there was kinda crazy. in the mornings and nights you would need full on winter coats with hats and scarves and gloves, and the days were warm and sunny. so warm in fact that we got to take matteo to the beach one day. we put his chubby little toes in the sand and let him feel the water, not to mention i finally got to break out the baby aviators which are just hilarious and ridiculous all at the same time.




beach day

beach bum


now that we know this handsome boy travels so well, we look forward to more of these little weekend getaways. next time when we can actually go in the water though, cuz if this kid likes the ocean as much as he does the bath, then we’re in for a treat. and by then he’ll be crawling or walking and that means sand everywhere. i’m talking in the mouth and in all his yummy little rolls! the things to look forward too!!!

sunday overdose

9 May

this weekend was my cousin walters birthday, so like most sundays where we end up at my parents for lunch, that’s exactly how this day started…. except with an overdose of sugar!  the guys spent the morning on the couch watching soccer and us girls stayed outside enjoying the beautiful weather and admiring my mothers blooming garden.  then after a typical feast of food, we ended this meal with two amazing desserts, one, a candy birthday cake made by my brother mimmo and his girlfriend nikki, (both not too shabby in the kitchen) and the other a pineapple cheese cake that my mom surprised us with after i had mentioned  the night before that it had been years since we had it.  it was definitely a treat for all of us!  we spent the rest of the afternoon in a sugar comma, just long enough to regain some energy for an evening out, to continue the birthday celebration. so around 9:00, a few of us met for some appetizers (don’t ask how we even had room to eat more) at my family restaurant, then went to a club on the strip ( can’t remember the last time i was in a club, and when we got there, i realized why it had been so long…. not my scene these days) regardless, i was with good people, which meant a good time. happy birthday wally!!!

here’s some pictures of the day!

that’s my mom working on her vegetable/herb garden

that’s my pops and adorable nephew

there’s the cake bakers, my brother mimmo and his girlfriend nikki

here’s the rest of the  photo’s from the evening….

happy friday!!!!!

4 May

couldn’t be happier that it’s friday!

we’ve got a busy weekend ahead of us,

a charity event, a birthday brunch, a little home renovation and dinner at the house with friends.

so stay tuned for some fun posts!

happy weekend!

rome, italy october 2011

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