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24 Feb

time sure does fly. i mean, is february almost over? there’s no excuse for my absence from the blog besides having way too much fun over here being a mom, and as much as i love documenting all of our little adventures, i put spending time with my little family and sleep first. so pardon me if these post come few and far between. but i’m here now and i have much to tell. january sure was eventful. the husby turned 30, we also celebrated my mom birthday,  we had a dinner party, cooked a lot, laughed a lot, enjoyed our beautiful weather and our beautiful baby.

fox friend

this little one is growing and changing everyday and just when i think he couldn’t get anymore delicious,

the next day he goes and does something that just melts us!




we had some tiny friends over for dinner!

i’m not sure who we should keep locked up, him or her?

birthday breakfast

this guy turned 30!!!!! and even though he doesn’t like much fuss over his birthday, a proper breakfast was in order.

we spent the day downtown with our little guy, just enjoying each others company.


make shift birthday candle! all that matters is that you get to make a wish, right?!

family birthday

tiny helpers for all these candles! mom and the husby’s birthday are two days apart

so we celebrated them both with the whole family.

cronut cake

only the best birthday cake ever. i mean, i know new york is famous for their cronuts

but let’s get real here, who doesn’t like anything fried, buttery and rolled in sugar?


caught up with an old friend, which i love. and so happy she got to meet mister matteo.

it’s hard getting a photo with a bay but i think this one was perfectly awkward.


we’ve been eating tons of vegetables over here lately and these heirloom radishes where delicious!


so not exactly sure if he understood what was going on here, but i’m just happy that he didn’t hate it.

the swings were my favorite as a kid and i just hope he loves it as much as i do.


these two sure have made life sweet and each day is getting better.

never did i imagine that a tiny person could make our lives feel so complete.


one of theses days i’ll catch up with the blog, but for now,

here’s a look into on january and stay tuned for scenes from february!


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