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spring has sprung…..in our backyard

17 Apr

herb shower

my father-in-law pino was here a couple weeks ago.

the weather was warm

and it was feeling like spring.

in the two weeks he was here, boy did we keep him busy (poor guy)

our backyard was looking a little sad and unattended

and pino insisted that we needed an herb garden, plus a couple fruit trees!

and that is just what happened.

me being about 5 months pregnant, i wasn’t much help

but i did have a lot of helpers.

(thank you family)

here’s a look at how things turned out!!!

hard working

rare moment

^^^ this is a rare moment in time…. my dad digging a whole ^^^

apple tree


^^^ my mom planting the herbs for me ^^^


^^^ we planted, basil, parsley, sage, thyme, oregano and mint^^^


^^^ the pots got a facelift too ^^^


apple tree

fig tree

^^^ i can’t wait to get some fruit on these trees ^^^

now if this chilly weather would go away and bring back the warm spring weather  please.

a not so sunny day, made bright…

16 Apr

saturday afternoon was a bit over cast with a little nip in the air, but that didn’t stop us from having some backyard fun! i brought some life back to the yard after hitting up the nursery. i planted some fresh herbs like, basil, mint, sage, thyme, and parsley, as well as a few succulents for the patio and house. giuseppe kept the bubbs busy playing fetch and soccer. ¬†we can’t wait for some consistent spring weather so we can have more fun days in the sun.

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