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did you know?…..

18 Dec
another edition of “did you know?”
just some fun facts to get to know us a little better
  1. he uses bread as a spoon for practically every meal
  2. she hates to make the bed
  3. he is addicted to buying jackets even though they live in one of the warmest climates
  4. she loves to wrap presents
  5. he can make something out of nothing in the kitchen
  6. she can only cook what she know and needs all the ingredients to make it happen
  7. he proposed with a video he made of them
  8. she counts that as one of the best days of her life
  9. he’s a better gift giver than her
  10. she is contemplating not having a television

together forever

today’s 8…..

14 Nov
… today’s edition of  “did you know?” …
just some fun facts to get to know us a little better
  1. he has secretly become obsessed with cook books
  2. she secretly wants to redo the entire house decor
  3. he just bought a motorcycle
  4. she wants to decorate for christmas even though it’s waaaay too early
  5. she thinks of lipstick as an accessory ( what’s not to love?)
  6. he hates when she wears lipstick
  7. she’s so excited for hat, scarf, glove weather
  8. they need a vacation

florence, italy winter 2009

through the lens…..

28 Aug

….. a look through the eyes of my iphone …..

the weekends here…

10 Aug
happy friday everyone!!!
  • F- free to start your weekend
  • R- ready to make a memory
  • I- inspired by my surrounding
  • D- determined to try something new
  • A- adaptable to the changes that may come my way
  • Y-  you’re in charge of your own destiny

so…..what will you do with your weekend???

an oldie but a goodie


… now i just need a city …

9 Aug
city look

.. did you know …

3 Aug
a few fun and interesting facts about us
  • we named our dog rocky after his favorite movie and character, rocky balboa
  • she can write backwards in cursive with her non-dominant hand
  • his favorite soccer team in inter-milan
  • we both have only “g’s” and “c’s” in our initials. his=”cgc” hers= “ggc”
  • she is currently obsessed with spray paint
  • he is currently obsessed with motorcycles
  • she doesn’t throw magazines away… (well at least the good ones)
  • he drives a stick shift cuz it reminds him of italy ( he says it makes you focus on driving more)…. i’m like, how are you suppose to multitask in the car then???
  • she can wiggle her ears
  • he makes the most ridiculously delicious pasta amatriciana
  • we both hope to retire in italy someday


… through the lens …

30 Jul

my friend from NY surprised me at work with her new little one



a little look through the eyes of my iphone


happy friday!

20 Jul


hooray, it’s friday! hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!!!


florence, italy. giuseppe’s mom’s house

through the lens

26 Jun

… a look through the eyes of my phone lately …

gianna’s amazing origami

the kiddo’s working on crafts

the husby has never been to disneyland. can you believe it??? something we need to plan for the near future.

through the lens…..

31 May

a look through the eyes of my iphone lately…..

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