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o n e…..

30 Aug




one year ago today, you came into this world and we were forever changed. never in a million years could we have imagined how much love and joy you would bring into our lives. you have so much light in your soul, that it radiates out of you and makes everything around so much brighter. our hearts are so filled and each day continues to get better. you made us a mamma and a papa and that is the greatest gift we could have ever been given. thank you for your smiling face, contagious laugh, morning snuggles, opened mouth kisses,  daily serenades,  wicked dance moves, for teaching us to slow down and see things through your eyes, and  most importantly, for your unconditional love. you truly are the love of our lives and  the air in our lungs. we can’t wait for many more adventures with you. happy 1st birthday potato! we love you!


mamma & papa


can’t believe my baby is o~n~e!

here are a few of my favorite shots of our little lover in his first year of life.


family of 3

























red, white and blue…..

5 Jul

4th family

some exciting things happened yesterday!

not only did my dad turn the big 6-0, but it was also matteo’s first 4th of july!

we celebrating by having a big party

filled with all my dad’s favorite foods, like ribs, chicken wings, and a cream puff birthday cake.


 matteo got to swim and i swear he must be part fish.

we would put him on the edge of the pool and he would launch right in with no fear.

so happy he loves the water. unfortunately it was cut a little short when a little rain storm rolled in.

we didn’t mind though, it was actually a nice relief from the hot days we’ve been having here,

plus matteo got to play in the rain which he’s never done before.

so i was a full day of “first’s.”


two hours past matteo’s bedtime, we ended the night with some firework action.

i think the sparklers were his favorite, or maybe i just made that up cuz they’re my favorite!

either way, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect holiday!

here’s some pics of the festivities.

4th feast

4th baby

baby and birthday boy

the baby and the birthday boy!

4th sweets


future lovers

matteo got some love from his favorite girl vivi!


melon and strawberry peach granita’s




watching the rain

in awe


hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of july!

see you soon!

happy birthday to me…..

13 Jun

i don’t know if it’s cuz the big 3-0 isn’t till next year

or the fact that baby boy is on the way

but i really just wanted a low-key birthday this year.

so spending the day with family and close friends at sunday brunch

sounded right up my alley.


but my birthday wish came true when

the husby surprised me by coming home early from his trip!

a night at home and a dinner at my favorite pizza shop

couldn’t have made my day more perfect!


i would also like to thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes!

i felt super loved!!!


here’s some pics of the past couple days of b-day fun!


the girls







little man

fancy ladies


this guy

make a wish




^^^ happy happy day ^^^

23 Jan

today is my ridiculously  handsome,

incredibly passionate,

hilariously entertaining,

unconditionally loving husband’s birthday,

and i’d like to wish him the

happiest of happy birthdays there ever was!

he’s 29 today!


i love you my better half, my biggest supporter, my personal chef,(i know you’re all jealous)

my husby and my love


^^^a few of my favorites^^^





hot date


the count down…..

20 Aug
get me out of this funky…..
august has seemed to put me in a strange mood.
maybe this heat has finally gotten to me.
i’ve been feeling uninspired and unmotivated.
thus leaving my blog a little uninspired and unmotivated.
but september is right around the corner and i couldn’t be happier.
so, to try to pump myself up,
i have decided to make some goals for the month ahead
september’s bucket list
  • walk the dogs at least 3 times a week
  • wash my makeup off every night
  • finish one of the many books i have started
  • try 3 new recipes
  • put the majority for my pictures in albums
  • organize the pantry
  • watch less television
  • clean out the closet for fall
  • save money for a big trip


i also thought it would be a good idea to write down some of the things that i am grateful for this month

  • my husband, who is 31 days smoke-free and going strong. he inspires me everyday to be better
  • my parents who have been away for the summer. so glad to have you home. sunday’s feel right again
  • my pups who love me unconditionally
  • all my family for the good times we have when we get together
  • my niece and nephews for always putting a smile on my face
  • my friends that are always there for me and allow me to be my self

i’m starting the count down

11 days to september!!!

my 25th birthday

sunday overdose

9 May

this weekend was my cousin walters birthday, so like most sundays where we end up at my parents for lunch, that’s exactly how this day started…. except with an overdose of sugar!  the guys spent the morning on the couch watching soccer and us girls stayed outside enjoying the beautiful weather and admiring my mothers blooming garden.  then after a typical feast of food, we ended this meal with two amazing desserts, one, a candy birthday cake made by my brother mimmo and his girlfriend nikki, (both not too shabby in the kitchen) and the other a pineapple cheese cake that my mom surprised us with after i had mentioned  the night before that it had been years since we had it.  it was definitely a treat for all of us!  we spent the rest of the afternoon in a sugar comma, just long enough to regain some energy for an evening out, to continue the birthday celebration. so around 9:00, a few of us met for some appetizers (don’t ask how we even had room to eat more) at my family restaurant, then went to a club on the strip ( can’t remember the last time i was in a club, and when we got there, i realized why it had been so long…. not my scene these days) regardless, i was with good people, which meant a good time. happy birthday wally!!!

here’s some pictures of the day!

that’s my mom working on her vegetable/herb garden

that’s my pops and adorable nephew

there’s the cake bakers, my brother mimmo and his girlfriend nikki

here’s the rest of the  photo’s from the evening….

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