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feeling the love…..

20 Feb

with the resent announcement of

♥baby conte♥

in the making,

the blog has received over 500 views in the past few days.

holy moly, that’s amazing!!!

we just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the

kind words, love and support.

we are really feeling the love over here!

we can’t wait to share this little baby adventure with you all.

so stick around and visit often.

xoxo, gina and giuseppe

mama n papa

shhh, we’ve got a secret…..

18 Feb

we’ve got a secret

that we just can’t keep anymore!





whole lotta love



we couldn’t be more thrilled to spread the big news

we’ve got a little baby on the way!!!

my sweet…

14 Feb

♥happy valentine’s day♥

the husby has to work tonight, so i got an early start today to get everything done before he leaves.

so i baked some sweets for “my sweet.”

here’s some pics of the morning shenanigans!!!

hope everyone has a sweet day with their valentines,

be it lovers, friends or loved ones!



i love you



ooh lala

sugar cookies

cookie love note


all mine

here and there

10 Feb

i know, i know, i’ve been a slacker this past week or so.

it’s been a busy week at work, and we have some dear friends in town from california.

so things have been a little crazy around here.

so forgive me.

just wanted to share some photos of life through the eyes on my iphone.

here there and everywhere we go!




fancy dinner

sun bathing



house guest


on the town

i love you because….

1 Feb


what a short sweet month.

now we aren’t too big on valentine’s day over here,

but i do like that this month is designated for love.

so instead of getting chocolates and teddy bears on feb. 14th,

i like to celebrate all 28 days.

i’m not talking gifts here,

i’m talking love notes!

thanks to a co-worker who told me about this

a few years ago, now i’ve been doing it ever since.

so everyday in february i write my husby an

“i love you because……” note.

 i try to hide them in little random places where i know he’ll

find them, like his sock drawer, or on his steering wheel,

or his laptop…. you get the idea.

so everyday he gets something to look forward to, that will

make him feel loved.

some are silly and others are serious,

but either way, it’s just a sweet thought to make someones day a little brighter!

what cute and festive february love month things do you guys like to do?


love note

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