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i love you because….

1 Feb


what a short sweet month.

now we aren’t too big on valentine’s day over here,

but i do like that this month is designated for love.

so instead of getting chocolates and teddy bears on feb. 14th,

i like to celebrate all 28 days.

i’m not talking gifts here,

i’m talking love notes!

thanks to a co-worker who told me about this

a few years ago, now i’ve been doing it ever since.

so everyday in february i write my husby an

“i love you because……” note.

 i try to hide them in little random places where i know he’ll

find them, like his sock drawer, or on his steering wheel,

or his laptop…. you get the idea.

so everyday he gets something to look forward to, that will

make him feel loved.

some are silly and others are serious,

but either way, it’s just a sweet thought to make someones day a little brighter!

what cute and festive february love month things do you guys like to do?


love note

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