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a pup lovin kinda week

30 Sep

i realized look back through my post for the past 6 months,

that although i have shared tons of photos of our pups,

i never really told their stories.

so this post is dedicated entirely to them!!

rocky, was our first poodle to steal our hearts. i surprised the husby with him when he returned from a solo trip back to italy. he swears i did it out of guilt for not going with him, but i’m sticking to my guns that it was purely out of love:)

name: rocky ( got his name for the husbies love of the rocky movies)

date of birth: may 28th, 2009

birth place: california

hair: brown

eyes: green

weight: 70 lbs.

favorite hobby: fetch

traits: calm, sweet, loving, independent

bruno, our second poodle, was a surprise to me… (even though i didn’t want to be surprised with another pup)…. the husby had researched rare poodles and came across the parti poodle.  he was determined to find one. so with out my knowledge, i came home one day to find a little parti pup in the house.

name: bruno ( really should have switched there names cuz “bruno” in italian means brown)

date of birth: april 16th, 2010

birth place: georgia

hair: black and white (cow)

eyes: black

weight: 65 lbs.

favorite hobby; licking

traits: hyper, affectionate, playful, stubborn,

both of these dogs have really made our lives complete and though we don’t have “children” yet, our pups feel like our kids and make us feel like a family already. here is a mini pup album through the years. enjoy!!!

road trip… part three

27 Sep


finally,  the rest of the pictures from our little road trip, pups included!!



this is what you call a real pumpkin patch!

a local farmers market had a little farm on it with

goats, sheep, horses, donkeys, lamas, chickens, a couple ostriches and pigs of course.

this was the pups first encounter with other animals besides dogs.

they were so sweet, almost kissing!

avila beach. such a quaint little street with cute shops.

this is the tree that took james dean’s life, in a fatal car accident.

i love james dean and his movies. i once wrote a report in high school on his life and had to dress and act like him.

i was so intrigued by his story and even more impressed with his talent.

so tragic :(

 click here if you want to know more on his life.

so long california….. we’ll miss you

road trip….. part two….. pups first beach day

25 Sep

traveling with two large dogs can be a little difficult, but at the same time it does take  some stress off the mind, worrying about what’s going on with them back home.  this was our furthest adventure we had ever taken them on, and there was  a lot to be concerned about. the first leg of our trip we stayed with our friends who have three dogs: 1 blind, 1 deaf, and two of which are small. so you can imagine the stress we had of how our dogs would all get along together. despite our fears, it went wonderfully! they all just meshed so well and we could breathe a sigh of relief.  the second part of the trip was heading to the coast where we would stay in a dog friendly hotel. the first thoughts that went trough my head were, hairy, stinky, dirty rooms. boy was i wrong!!! we stayed at a hotel called dolphin bay and it was amazing. we had a whole little condo with a kitchen, living room, bed room, patio, dog beds and bowls and even a little box of dog treats. it was immaculate, and  the doors from the patio were two hundred feet from the bluffs. there was a path way that over looked the water and lead you down to a private little beach. words can not describe this view. but the thing that made this trip so amazing and worth the stress, was letting our pups run free on the beach and play in the ocean for the first time ever! this is definitely a trip we would consider doing again. and i would put this at the top of our list as one of our best trips to date!

a birthday… oh yeah, and a wedding thrown in too, surprise!!!

19 Sep

talk about throwing something together last-minute,  and by last-minute i mean about 40 hours before.

so on friday afternoon i get a message from my brother’s girlfriend nikki, asking when i would be alone to talk about some very classified information. as luck would have it, i was free at that very moment. (thank goodness…. less than 40 hours to prepare would have been nuts)  so she came over with this grin on her face, that only a little kid would have when you know they have a secret, like stealing a cookie or something. she prefaced the conversation by making me swear with one hand over my heart, that i would not tell a soul what she was about to divulge to me. and with that, she blurted out, ” me and your brother want to get married this sunday!” i smiled from ear to ear and said, “WHAT?????!!!!!”  i think we even did a little party dance too. ( it’s hard to remember the details at such an exciting moment, lol!) so  since nikki had already planned a full weekend of birthday fun for my brother, everyone was already set to be at their house on sunday for a bbq. with no spare time for her to plan the surprise wedding of the year, she looked no further then your truly to do the planning.  for anyone who knows me, you know that party planning and weddings, and any gathering for that matter is my most favoriteist thing in life!  so i was definitely up for the challenge. luckily i had saved a substantial amount of stuff from my own wedding, so there was little to buy, but much to do. to throw into the mix of things, i also had a work meeting that night and a full book at the salon the next day, so the small window of time that i and to decorate was going to be saturday night after work. we’re talking about 5 hours to be exact. along with the help of my mother, i blew up balloons, hung paper lanterns, arranged flowers, lined up chairs, fluffed tulle, and streamered everything else. all that was left to do was waiting to reveal the secret to everyone else the next day. the day had arrived and  everyone started to show up as expected, but as the anticipation started to rise in mimmo and nikki, they didn’t want to wait any longer, and asked me to deliver the exciting news.  so i gathered everyone into the kitchen.  i started by saying how we had all come together to celebrate mimmo’s birthday, but that wasn’t the only reason we were here! nikki raised her left hand revealing the engagement ring that mimmo had proposed to her with just the night before. the room went crazy with excitement!! it took me a minute to quite them all done, just long enough to say, but that’s still not the only reason we are all here ….. we are also having a wedding…… TODAY!!!! no one could believe it. we drew open the blinds to reveal the decorated backyard, and the reality was starting to settle in. the excitement and tears in the room was overwhelming. our friend nina performed a sweet little ceremony and we partied the night away! it truly was a perfect day and a perfect little wedding. we are couldn’t be happier to be a part of this special day, and even more happy to have nikki officially join our family ( which of course she always has been because she’s the amazing mother of my amazing nephew) congratualtions you guys, we love you

xoxo, gina and giuseppe!! 

oh yeah, happy birthday too! (i almost forgot with all this excitement)

her’s some pictures of the birthday/wedding day bliss!!

to be 10 again…

18 Sep

this post is a little late…. but as i had hoped, september has been an exciting month, jam-packed with too much to keep up with…. just how i like it!

so my amazing, talented, smart, gorgeous, goofy, sometimes serious niece gianna just had her 10th birthday a couple of weeks ago. we are talking about double digits here people. i can’t believe how fast she is growing up, and into a little lady i might add.  she had a pool party with a whole farm of here friends. i don’t remember being that popular at her age. it made me want to be a kid again (just for a moment) here’s some pictures of the birthday extravaganza to take you all back to your own 10th birthday!!!


gianna taking birthday calls and enjoying a mini ice cream cone i made her!

seriously wanted to buy one for me and one for here of everything!

happy birthday giamba! i love you!

a little road trip…. part one

17 Sep

visalia, california. a little town in the central valley surrounded by farmers and their cows. this is the town the husby first lived in 8 years ago when he moved to this country. and now after 6 years in vegas, we decided to take a little road trip to the valley. this being my first time there, i was a little hesitant because all the stories i had heard before made it sound like, (well for lack of a better word) a dump. but i have to say, i really enjoyed it. it was exciting to see the husbies old hangouts and even better to meet his friends. particularly his two friends who were so kind to open their home to us, james and michelle. they really made our trip so special, and i feel like i made some new friends my self. they own the quaintest little coffee shop on main street called tazzaria, that also serves food, and a pizzeria also on main street, called pizanos. delicious pizza, just like in naples.  here’s a couple pics from the first part of our trip, but stay tuned for more!!!

that’s james and michelle!

they roast their own coffee too!


a game of dice…..

14 Sep

So every first thursday of the month, me and 11 other girls get together to play a dice game called bunco. the only problem with this game, is that it requires a little focus and therefore, leaves little time to talk. you can imagine that when you get 12 girls together, the main thing they are interested in is of course, talking!  so let’s just say, we take a little longer to plan than most people. september was my month to host, which mean you provide the food and booze for that month. here’s a little look at bunco night at my house!!

let the games begin….

the last supper…

3 Sep

i imagine that when you’re pregnant, time seems to go by very slow, and it’s not until the very end, that it seems to come too fast. i say this because my dear friend genevieve is going through just that. what seemed to be months and months of her being pregnant, has now turned into just days remaining. so things that someone would usually treat as something grand , loses its importance when compared to the arrival of a baby. and by grand, i mean birthdays! genevieve just wanted a simple dinner with her family, but in my head i was thinking, this could be “the last supper” pre baby, pre chaos and just all together for that matter. so i turned the  simple dinner into balloons, confetti and sparklers!! here’s some pics of genevieve’s grand  birthday!!

happy birthday genevieve!!!

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