a pup lovin kinda week

30 Sep

i realized look back through my post for the past 6 months,

that although i have shared tons of photos of our pups,

i never really told their stories.

so this post is dedicated entirely to them!!

rocky, was our first poodle to steal our hearts. i surprised the husby with him when he returned from a solo trip back to italy. he swears i did it out of guilt for not going with him, but i’m sticking to my guns that it was purely out of love:)

name: rocky ( got his name for the husbies love of the rocky movies)

date of birth: may 28th, 2009

birth place: california

hair: brown

eyes: green

weight: 70 lbs.

favorite hobby: fetch

traits: calm, sweet, loving, independent

bruno, our second poodle, was a surprise to me… (even though i didn’t want to be surprised with another pup)…. the husby had researched rare poodles and came across the parti poodle.  he was determined to find one. so with out my knowledge, i came home one day to find a little parti pup in the house.

name: bruno ( really should have switched there names cuz “bruno” in italian means brown)

date of birth: april 16th, 2010

birth place: georgia

hair: black and white (cow)

eyes: black

weight: 65 lbs.

favorite hobby; licking

traits: hyper, affectionate, playful, stubborn,

both of these dogs have really made our lives complete and though we don’t have “children” yet, our pups feel like our kids and make us feel like a family already. here is a mini pup album through the years. enjoy!!!

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