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road trip… part three

27 Sep


finally,  the rest of the pictures from our little road trip, pups included!!



this is what you call a real pumpkin patch!

a local farmers market had a little farm on it with

goats, sheep, horses, donkeys, lamas, chickens, a couple ostriches and pigs of course.

this was the pups first encounter with other animals besides dogs.

they were so sweet, almost kissing!

avila beach. such a quaint little street with cute shops.

this is the tree that took james dean’s life, in a fatal car accident.

i love james dean and his movies. i once wrote a report in high school on his life and had to dress and act like him.

i was so intrigued by his story and even more impressed with his talent.

so tragic :(

 click here if you want to know more on his life.

so long california….. we’ll miss you

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