a birthday… oh yeah, and a wedding thrown in too, surprise!!!

19 Sep

talk about throwing something together last-minute,  and by last-minute i mean about 40 hours before.

so on friday afternoon i get a message from my brother’s girlfriend nikki, asking when i would be alone to talk about some very classified information. as luck would have it, i was free at that very moment. (thank goodness…. less than 40 hours to prepare would have been nuts)  so she came over with this grin on her face, that only a little kid would have when you know they have a secret, like stealing a cookie or something. she prefaced the conversation by making me swear with one hand over my heart, that i would not tell a soul what she was about to divulge to me. and with that, she blurted out, ” me and your brother want to get married this sunday!” i smiled from ear to ear and said, “WHAT?????!!!!!”  i think we even did a little party dance too. ( it’s hard to remember the details at such an exciting moment, lol!) so  since nikki had already planned a full weekend of birthday fun for my brother, everyone was already set to be at their house on sunday for a bbq. with no spare time for her to plan the surprise wedding of the year, she looked no further then your truly to do the planning.  for anyone who knows me, you know that party planning and weddings, and any gathering for that matter is my most favoriteist thing in life!  so i was definitely up for the challenge. luckily i had saved a substantial amount of stuff from my own wedding, so there was little to buy, but much to do. to throw into the mix of things, i also had a work meeting that night and a full book at the salon the next day, so the small window of time that i and to decorate was going to be saturday night after work. we’re talking about 5 hours to be exact. along with the help of my mother, i blew up balloons, hung paper lanterns, arranged flowers, lined up chairs, fluffed tulle, and streamered everything else. all that was left to do was waiting to reveal the secret to everyone else the next day. the day had arrived and  everyone started to show up as expected, but as the anticipation started to rise in mimmo and nikki, they didn’t want to wait any longer, and asked me to deliver the exciting news.  so i gathered everyone into the kitchen.  i started by saying how we had all come together to celebrate mimmo’s birthday, but that wasn’t the only reason we were here! nikki raised her left hand revealing the engagement ring that mimmo had proposed to her with just the night before. the room went crazy with excitement!! it took me a minute to quite them all done, just long enough to say, but that’s still not the only reason we are all here ….. we are also having a wedding…… TODAY!!!! no one could believe it. we drew open the blinds to reveal the decorated backyard, and the reality was starting to settle in. the excitement and tears in the room was overwhelming. our friend nina performed a sweet little ceremony and we partied the night away! it truly was a perfect day and a perfect little wedding. we are couldn’t be happier to be a part of this special day, and even more happy to have nikki officially join our family ( which of course she always has been because she’s the amazing mother of my amazing nephew) congratualtions you guys, we love you

xoxo, gina and giuseppe!! 

oh yeah, happy birthday too! (i almost forgot with all this excitement)

her’s some pictures of the birthday/wedding day bliss!!

5 Responses to “a birthday… oh yeah, and a wedding thrown in too, surprise!!!”

  1. Mandy Martinson September 19, 2012 at 1:00 pm #

    What a beautiful day for Nikki and Mimmo…Gina you are really the best for doing all of that for them. Being the friend from Wisconsin I was very saddened when Nikki called me Sunday morning telling what was about to take place and I couldn’t get a flight fast enough to come out there! Your post made me feel like I was there just hearing the story. But glad to know the people that were there were able to make the day one of a kind for two people who are definitely one of a kind! Much love to all, Mandy (Nikki’s friend from Wisconsin)

    • gina September 19, 2012 at 1:28 pm #

      Mandy, i’m so happy that i could share a little about this great day in our lives as well as mimmo and nikki’s lives. wish u too could have joined in the celebration.

  2. Tiana Wheeler September 19, 2012 at 6:00 pm #

    As I sit hear listening to Tamia- “I’m so In to You!” reading an Amazing blog posted from Facebook. Looking in to Two people whom at one point in my life …separate,but apart of my life at one point. I realize how beautiful life truly becomes! I feel like I just went to a reunion of some sort reading this blog. Beautiful, Touching,Inspiring ,and full of Love! When I was
    in junior high I knew Gina Ferraro hung out a few times, and loved every minute of her beautiful heart! My thoughts of her are high, can only think of her as A Beautiful Soul! Nikki  I met when I started working Gardunos. I just turned 17 and together we shared  to me what you call a Best Friend! In my life I have met people whom have/ had either tot me a lesson or who have touched my heart.The two I can truly say touched my heart, and together make a Beautiful Family only one could dream to have:)
     I bless you both for being able to be a FAMILY!!! May God Bless your family!!!! You two deserve each others company and I mean this in the best way!     Congratulations !!!!
    -Tiana Wheeler


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