and 100….

30 Mar

100th post

 here it is, the 100th post!

can you believe it?… i can’t.

 to celebrate this milestone, i decided to blog about my top 10 favorite blogs!

and here they are….

10. a not so sunny day, made bright…..

9. getaway…..

8. soiree …..

7. the first of many years to come…..

6. a birthdays… oh yeah, and a wedding thrown in too, surprise!

5. road trip: part 2…..

4. head of the table…..

3. in the anniversary clouds…..

2. americano…..

1. shhh, we’ve got a secret…..

hope you guys stick around for 100 more!!!

have an egg-cellent easter everyone!!!

(i’m such a dork)

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