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and 100….

30 Mar

100th post

 here it is, the 100th post!

can you believe it?… i can’t.

 to celebrate this milestone, i decided to blog about my top 10 favorite blogs!

and here they are….

10. a not so sunny day, made bright…..

9. getaway…..

8. soiree …..

7. the first of many years to come…..

6. a birthdays… oh yeah, and a wedding thrown in too, surprise!

5. road trip: part 2…..

4. head of the table…..

3. in the anniversary clouds…..

2. americano…..

1. shhh, we’ve got a secret…..

hope you guys stick around for 100 more!!!

have an egg-cellent easter everyone!!!

(i’m such a dork)

holiday wish list part one…

4 Dec
wish list
1. sperry winter boots/2.jonathan adler cross pillow/3.eyeglass beg/4.turkishtowels

in my radar….

28 Oct
in my radar
1.wood glass jars/ rimmed glasses/3. owl speaker/ inc.
5.hanging bag planter/6.bunny tablet case

tickle my fancy

21 Jun

… some of my favorite things this month …

  • rearranging the living room furniture
  • fresh flowers in the house
  • my new desk chair
  • origami
  • sun-days and days in the sun
  • house plants
  • white spray paint
  • the husby getting his motorcycle license ( to buy a scooter, woohoo!! )
  • late night walks with the pups
  • my new glasses ( b-day gifted by the husby )


5 Jun

is anyone else as excited as me that it’s june?!!

this is my birthday month. the best month of the year.

some of the perks of having your birthday in june…

1. when i was a kid, school was always out

2. pool party’s/bbq’s

3. not too close to a holiday, so you don’t get jipped in the gift department

4. usually coincides with a summer vacation get to be a gemini

6. and the best of all, june 11th, which is also my birthday, giuseppe proposed to me


so with that said, here’s my bucket list for the month of june…..

– plan a weekend getaway with the husby

– bake my own birthday cake…. i know this may sound unconventional, but i really need the practice cuz i’m baking my friends shower cake in july and i don’t want to jack it up. ( i’m only looking out for you genevieve!)

– plan one fun activity a week for my niece and nephew, who i will be watching two days a week this summer.

– plan a romantic dinner for me and the husby. ( he deserves it for putting up with me )

– enjoy as many outdoor activities as possible, before it get way too hot outside to do anything.

i hope all of your june day’s will be as enjoyable, exciting, relaxing, spontaneous, and special as mine will be.

happy june!!!

one of my most favorite pictures ever of us!!!
florence, italy summer 2008


17 May
these are a few of my favorite things……
and yes i’m channeling julie andrews in the sound of music
  • my morning grapefruit
  • the last drop of giuseppe’s espresso where the sugar and coffee are thick like syrup
  • my nephew spinning in circles till he’s so dizzy, he falls down
  • anthropologie candles (volcano scent)
  • the smell of my new sleep mask (it’s like aromatherapy in your sleep)
  • cold bed sheets
  • morning pup kisses
  • family sunday’s
  • fresh flowers in the house
  • the cooking channel
  • my beach cruiser… (can someone get me a beach to cruise, please….)
  • pinterest….. who’s not obsessed?
  • pillows, pillows and more pillows… (on the couch, bed, floor, anywhere i can put one)

scooting around rome, italy

view from the top

24 Apr

here’s some funny and fancy feet from the conte house.

 it would be an under statement to say  that we just “like” shoes.

giuseppe has a collection of classic nikes that fill an entire closet.

with that said, they’ll be more feet to come!!!….

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