17 May
these are a few of my favorite things……
and yes i’m channeling julie andrews in the sound of music
  • my morning grapefruit
  • the last drop of giuseppe’s espresso where the sugar and coffee are thick like syrup
  • my nephew spinning in circles till he’s so dizzy, he falls down
  • anthropologie candles (volcano scent)
  • the smell of my new sleep mask (it’s like aromatherapy in your sleep)
  • cold bed sheets
  • morning pup kisses
  • family sunday’s
  • fresh flowers in the house
  • the cooking channel
  • my beach cruiser… (can someone get me a beach to cruise, please….)
  • pinterest….. who’s not obsessed?
  • pillows, pillows and more pillows… (on the couch, bed, floor, anywhere i can put one)

scooting around rome, italy

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