here and there…..

3 Jun

i feel like i’ve been pretty boring these days

when i’m not at work, i’m working on the nursery

and with whatever time is left, i try to relax.

making a baby takes a lot out of you.

so if you’re wondering where i’ve been,

now you know.

sorta feel like i haven’t had much to blog about

since i can’t reveal the nursery till it’s all done!

and like i said….. i’ve been pretty boring.

i do though have some random pictures to share of

here, there and everywhere we go.




^^^nico’s first time eating ribs off the bone!^^^


^^^virgin bloody mary^^^

mother's day

^^^a pic from mother’s day with my mama^^^

stuffed artichokes

the crib

dinners at your place


pups at the park

daily use


the bump

^^^the bump^^^


stick around cuz i get the feeling exciting things are to come!!!

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