a mother…..

12 May

so i guess today i am celebrating my first mother’s day.

kinda weird since i haven’t seen my little one, or touched him,

or even heard him cry,

i can feel him in there though and i know he’s mine.

i feel so lucky to be able to create this little life inside me

and i can’t wait to be his mamma.


happy mother’s day to the woman who i hope to live up to,

my mamma!

i have learned so much from you as a mother and a wife,

you’re amazing, period.

 when my little man gets here,

i truly hope he sees me the way i see you.

love you mamma!


i would also like to wish my mother in-law all the way in italy

a happy mother’s day!

i can’t thank you enough for giving me

the most amazing husband, best partner in crime and

most thoughtful and loving man who i get to call mine.

un bacio.


and happy mother’s day to all you amazing moms out there.

hope your day is truly special.



mamma anna


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