did you know?….

18 Apr

rome, oct. 2011

just some fun facts to learn a little about us

  • we were friends before lovers and never thought we’d end up together
  • she can quote a funny movie after seeing it once
  • he was born in florence, italy
  • she is a gemini. only the greatest zodiac sign ever
  • he is a passionate oil painter, and a damn good one at that
  • she loves to bake, and he loves to cook. makes for a good meal
  • soccer is a religion to him
  • she does ballet in the kitchen when no one is home (shhh)
  • he does photography as a hobby
  • she likes vanilla, he likes chocolate
  • he owns more shoes than her
  • she is ridiculously good at impersonations, especially those with accents
  • he can’t ever stay mad at her for long, cuz she can always make him crack a smile

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