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ooey gooey goodness

28 Apr

so as you probably know by now, i really enjoy baking, so when my brother’s girlfriend nikki asked for some help to make some sweets for her sisters bake sale, i volunteered without hesitation. i decided to make the most deliciously moist and gooey chocolate chip cookies ever!  i have to thank monica, who i work with, for giving me this recipe and for sharing a few tweaks she has made, that only make these cookies even more ridiculously scrumptious. this recipe is super easy, and you can always freeze the dough for later use.  so here’s the tweaks: add an extra 1/2 box of pudding. this makes the cookies so super soft, and use a full teaspoon of coarse sea salt. to balance out the sweetness. hope you enjoy these cookies as much as i do. happy baking!!

click here for the recipe

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