… the 4th …

5 Jul

we had ourselves a nice little 4th of july at my parents house yesterday, which also happened to be my dad’s birthday and my mom’s return from her 2 week trip to italy (so happy to have her back).  just some close friends and family with good food and fun. we barbecued some chicken, burgers, lamb chops and steak sandwiches. i made all the desserts, which were italian cream puffs and an angel food cake trifle, 4th of july themed, of course. after all the yummy food, we got a good laugh with everyone playing the Wii, just dance 3. we ended the night with our little baby fireworks for the kids. only thing missing from the night for me…. sparklers…. not one single sparkler in the pack, so sad. overall the day was great and i am so thankful that i got to spend the holiday with such amazing people.


yummy steak sandwiches on a pretzel roll

brother playing grill master

red, white and blue cream puffs

nico liked the happy birthday song so much that we had to sing it like 5 times so he could blowout the candle

mom and sister dancing

brother and cousin dancing

the husby resting his scorpion leg

our little baby fireworks. yay!!!

p.s. so happy to have pictures back!!!

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