nonna’s crusty bread

22 Apr

so my older sister teresa is married with two kids, gianna who’s 9 and gino who’s 8. now i don’t yet know how crazy life can be with two children, but judging from my sister’s family, it can get pretty hectic.  if they’re not at school, they’re racing, if they’re not racing, they’re at soccer, if they’re not a soccer, they’re at religious ed. so needless to say, there’s not much time for anything else. so when the list gets too full, she calls in for reinforcements, me! and that’s what brings us to this weekend. my nephew gino is having his first communion in a couple of weeks, so to finish his religious ed classes, one of his assignments was to bake a loaf of bread to share with the church, and with not even an extra minute in their schedule to do so, i was deemed baker for the day. this actually turned out to be a fun little baking night, and the bread came out  delicious.  so good in fact that giuseppe is boycotting store-bought bread and has requested that i bake fresh bread everyday now, not to mention how good the house smelled. i would definitely recommend  trying this recipe. it’s super easy and only requires 4 ingredients.  happy baking!!

click here for the recipe!

don't mind the dirty oven door

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