man’s best friend

30 Apr

so when i first told the husband that i wanted to start a blog, he laughed at me. now that he’s starting to see what it’s about, he’s warming up to it.  he decided that he wanted to be a guest writer on my blog today to talk about a topic that is very close to his heart. our dogs. so please show him some love and remember that english is his second language, so please excuse the grammar (not that mine is ever perfect, he he). i edited it slightly, but i wanted to keep it as authentic as possible.  so without further adieu, i give you giuseppe!


Man’s best friend may provide more than just faithful companionship. The human/animal bond aspects of owning a dog show to have a positive impact on quality of life. I found that owning and walking a dog impact the amount of walking I do and also that dog walking keeps me more active overall. Walking is the most accessible form of physical activity available to people,  so please stop creating excuses of how busy and tired you may be. Stop saying no to yourself. Dogs never say no. We all know dogs don’t work or have a long never-ending list of bills to pay, but… and I say but ……like little kids they are always up for anything.

After reading an article from Michigan State University on dog and their owners,  this is what I learned:

2/3 of dog owners take their dogs for regular walks.  Nearly half (46%) of dog walkers exercise an average of 30 minutes a day, five days a week, while only one-third (38%) of Americans without a dog meet those standards. Now so you all know, especially those of you who are skeptic, Michigan State University is one of the top research universities in the world. Other studies showed people who walked their dogs, generally walked about an hour longer per week than people who owned dogs but did not walk them. Many dog owners often forget that the best solution to a healthy life style is being active with your dogs. So, if the weather allows it and you can find a street, sidewalk or even better a large patch of grass, all that is left to do, is taking the first step, literally.  There’s  a strong link between owning and walking a dog, and achieving higher levels of physical activity.

Now let me ask you this. Which is best?  Walking with your spouse or your dog? Experts at the University of Missouri compared human and dog walking companion and found that dog walkers show much greater fitness improvements. In my honest opinion dogs are always the best walking companion for many reason. Here is the list.

1.   First of all they never say: “I told you so” and that’s a good start

2.   Dogs are a source of inspiration for runners of every level.

3.   Dogs don’t bring their cell-phone, as you know they can’t text, tweet or friends request you while exercising

4.   They never say no,which means, you can always count on them

5.   They listen and listen, so you if talk a lot, they are the best listeners with no interruptions.

6.   They don’t talk trash behind your back. Proof? Ask them how you really look.

7.   Once properly trained they keep your pace and they run as your own shadow.

8.   They will never make a comment on your daily performance. It doesn’t matter if you run 7 minutes per mile or if it takes you 15 minutes per mile, as long as you run with them. (by the way 15 min per mile is very slow)

9.   A well-exercised dog/person is not only a happy dog/person, but also a healthy one.

10. Dogs love doing things with us, and since their “job”  is to make us feel guilty if we get lazy, it gives them purpose to their lives.

 I know this article may look like a critique or challenge to many people as they look inside themselves and feel guilt, just like my wife, even though you all must know that she is a great doggy-mom, and if all dog owners were as good as she is, the number of foreclosed dog-shelter would be higher than the number of home foreclosed homes in the US.

So you, what do you say?

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